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This site is dedicated to the "Little People" from the roof of the world, The Tibetan Terrier. Our dogs are presented with pictures, pedigrees and other information, and you will find general information on the breed, and links to other TT-related sites.

The Tibetan Terrier...

...is a medium sized  longhaired dog. The breed originally comes from Tibet but today England is considered it's home country. Tibetans used to call their dogs "The Little People", and they truly are little individuals, all with their own charming personality.  They were considered luck-bringers and could not be bought, but were sometimes given as gift and to show gratitude for a favor. 

As it turned out it was just such a gift that should be the beginning of the breed in Europe. You can read more about the breed, it's history and how it made it to the west, by clicking "The Breed".


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